» Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a zoo with one of the most beautiful settings in the world where animals are reserved in spacious & landscaped enclosures that are estranged from all the visitors through dry or wet moats. Dangerous animals in zoo such as leopards and jaguars are housed in beautifully landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. Singapore Zoo spread over 28 hectares of land and was opened in 1973.

The Singapore Zoo has one of the finest collection of animals in the world. At the Singapore Zoo, you can view over 3,200 mammals, birds and reptiles and fishes. You can also come close to special “babies” of threatened species such as white rhinoceros, proboscis monkey, manatee and of course, orang utan.

If you like seeing animals then zoo is well-worth visiting. The prime attraction of the Singapore Zoo is the Animal Shows, which includes Primate and Reptile Show and Elephant and Sea Lion Show. One can easily locate plenty of food in zoo ranging from pizza to Tandoori dishes. Transportation within the zoo is also available by tram if you are feeling tired or desire not to walk.

The Singapore Zoo is also known as the 'Open Zoo'. The zoo is preserved is such a manner that it is hard to tell where every enclosure ends & the shrubbery initiates. Among the vast collection here are the Spider Monkeys, Gibbons, Chimpanzees, mousedeer, tree kangaroos, parrots, tree ducks, pigeons, polar bears, pygmy hippos, crocodiles and the list goes on…