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Restaurants in Singapore offer some of the best dining in the entire world. Restaurants for any occasion are available in the city. Restaurants in Singapore offer you a relaxing retreat to celebrate an event, without the mess and fuss that preparing a meal can cause. Singapore has many great restaurants ranging from French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, Malay and many more...that’s why it is also known as food lovers’ heaven.

Singapore offers you restaurants in every corner of the city. In Singapore you can eat well with lots of fun and also without busting your wallet. Within the city one can easily locate hawker centres that sell very good cheap food to some of the best restaurants in Asia. When looking for a fun night, many people often look to bars and clubs to be entertained and to keep the nightlife going.

Some of the best restaurants in the Singapore are listed below: -

  • Original Sin: - This Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Singapore combines the essence of the Mediterranean food and ingenuity of cooking director MArisa bertocchi to offer an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Le Saint Julien: - In this French restaurant you can enjoy fantastic French food alongwith regional French wine. Its pleasant atmosphere will impress you with harmony as you enter the restaurant.
  • Garibaldi:- This is one of most popular Italian restaurant in Singapore. The alluring menu highlights authentic Italian cuisine that all are prepared with the greatest ingredients imported from Italy.
  • The Rice Table: - This is the only restaurant in Singapore to serve an authentic Dutch Rijsttafel. The restaurant presents its rijsttafel in a modern Dutch way by laying out the different dishes on a 'rechaud' or food warmer.
  • Pow Sing:- At Pow Sing restaurant in Singapore you can enjoy best of Asian cooking ranges from shark's fin soup, fish maw vegetable Indonesian claypot prawns, and much more…