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Singapore real estate is home to some of the most attractive properties. The real estate industry is considered as a significant sector of the Singapore economy. The cost of private property depends on the various factors such as location, closeness to the MRT station, size of the estate, the facilities provided, and whether it is a leasehold property or freehold property.

Whether you are looking to buy ideal house, home, apartment, villa, land, office, vacation rental or, any type of real estate, all you can easily locate in Singapore within your budget. The demand for residential and commercial property is almost off the scale in such a beautiful city.

If you are a foreigner then you can purchase apartments in non-condominium developments that are not more than six levels without any prior approval. But for restricted property that comprises of unoccupied land, landed properties that include bungalows, semi-detached & terrace houses, prior approval is must needed if foreigners desire to buy. More than 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing and the Housing Development Board (HDB) is the public housing authority of Singapore.

The demand for property either for rent or sale in Singapore has increased because of the growing vibrancy and attraction of the city. The requirement for commercial and residential space to let is at all time highs in the city as it offers you excellent employment prospects and also fantastic shopping and entertainment options from stunning natural beauty to architectural splendor.

The process for buying property in Singapore is different for expatriates, foreign residents who are living in Singapore and overseas investors as there are many exceptions, exemptions and requirements need to fulfill. Interest rates in Singapore are currently relatively low and this also attracts more buyers to the property market. Nightilife in this green city is serious crime free.

You can easily find thousands of rental apartments in the Singapore. Townhouses and Condominiums in Singapore are very popular and offer numerous amenities. Our Singapore real estate section has been designed just to provide useful information to both buyers and sellers.