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Singapore is both an island and a country, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore City, known as the Lion City, the name of the city is derived from the Malay words singa which means 'lion' and pura which means 'city'. The city ranked first in Asia and eleventh in the world for quality of life by the economists. Singapore has something for everyone, from families to business travelers.

Sir Stamford Raffles who was an official of the British East India Company founded Singapore in 1819. In 19th century, Singapore was a Malay fishing village and was later occupied by the Japanese Empire during World War II. Singapore became an independent Republic in 1965 and the country began celebrating August 9, 1965 as its National Day.

Real Estate

Singapore real estate is home to some of the most gorgeous properties. The real estate industry is considered as a significant sector of the Singapore economy. The cost of private property depends on the various factors such as location. While you are at it, also checkout Real Estate Thailand.


Hotels in Singapore offer you comfort and quality, ideal for leisure and business travelers. Hotels in Singapore are convenient to the attractions of the city as well as are moderately priced. The more luxurious hotels in Singapore are more expensive


Restaurants in Singapore offer some of the best dining in the entire world. Restaurants for any occasion are available in the city. Restaurants in Singapore offer you a relaxing retreat to celebrate an event

Singapore zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a zoo with one of the most beautiful settings in the world where animals are reserved in spacious & landscaped enclosures that are estranged from all the visitors through dry or wet moats.


Singapore offers you a lot to see and do when you are in the city. Every year Singapore welcomes visitors from around the globe for both business and pleasure. In Singapore you can enjoy lively entertainment with Chinese opera. Kreta Ayer or China Town is the largest Chinese ethnic center in the city. Why stay in the typical hotels when ou can stay in Luxurious Prague Apartments.

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